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Having first appeared on national television some twenty years back, and since notched up more than a decade as a solo performer, Christina Aguilera stands almost unparalleled in modern pop music. Having refused to compromise on her way to becoming one of the biggest selling female artists of all time, Christina has gained a respect her closest rivals can only dream about. And despite possessing the looks of an angel - which to be frank, haven't held back her career too much - this Staten Island Superstar is as far from the dumb blonde stereotype as it's possible to get. While often controversial and outspoken, her constant reinvention, stunning vocal ability and raw sex appeal have ensured she is rarely out of the limelight for long.Christina Aguilera - The Girl Next Door takes a look back at Christina's staggering career and music and explores quite how she has managed to become such a driving force behind her ownsuccess. Including numerous interviews with the girl herself, contributions from her nearest anddearest and previously unseen film footage, photographs and archive material, this programme provides the most insightful assessment yet to emerge on this remarkable woman.

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