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White Enlightenment invites its readers to embark on a journey, a quest, a pilgrimage of sorts. The terrain to be travelled lies in the country of one’s own internal reality. The journey seeks to uncover the truth that resides at the roots of the reader’s existence. The author, Paul Longhetti, writes from the perspective of one who has made—and continues to make—his own internal journey.At the outset, White Enlightenment counsels its readers to prepare for the journey. The author writes, ‘We shall all go deeper within our core to the essence of our universal illusive state of being, where reality stops and the truth of what we are begins. The moment is now to surrender all that you think you are—to fully know yourself. You will reawaken your memory to the beginning of what you were before you chose to separate from your own oneness of enlightenment, which is the state of your own divinity, the greatness of “I am.”’Do you have a deeply rooted and unshakeable feeling that something deeper, something profound, something more awaits you, lying just beyond your reach, but beckoning to you? If you do, then White Enlightenment offers to serve as your trusted guide as you embark on the journey of a lifetime, the journey to the truth of your life.
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