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Was it suicide?  Was it murder?  Green as a Garden Hose, the third book of the Biscuit McKee Mystery Series begins: There were three Diane Maries’s in Martinsville.  One I liked. One I hardly knew and one I hated. And now one of them was dead. Today started off in such an ordinary way. But now I, Bisque McKee (Biscuit to most people), Martinsville’s librarian, was clinging to a cliff, staring at Diane Marie Ames’ body forty feet below me.  I married Bob Sheffield, the town cop, six weeks ago. I thought I was going to live a quiet life. For someone who likes gardening and staying home with her cat . . .               My name is Marmalade. . . . I’d had more than enough of my fill of excitement. Bob may be investigating Diane Marie’s death, but Biscuit and Marmalade (the orange and white tabby cat who adopted Biscuit in the first book in this series, Orange as Marmalade) become entangled in the hunt. The engaging townspeople of Martinsville, Georgia, add extra dimension to this richly-woven tale of suspense, while the diary of a dead woman gives hints of her haunted life, hints that may not be read in time to save the lives of Biscuit and Marmalade.

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