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One night. One perfect night. I would be happy with that, with the memory… – Emily Proctor, regarding Scott DillonPlain Fane" Emily Proctor had about as much chance of dating the perfectly gorgeous and now-famous Scott Dillon as she did of waking up in a model-size body. But her best friends, The Girlfriends, were determined to grant Emily her fondest wish. Oh, well, it couldn't hurt to give their plan a try…Scott was only back in town to help his family. Once he'd put things right, he was outta there. Except, he'd forgotten the charm of small-town life, the comfort of old friends–like Emily. There was something different about her…. Something that might possibly give Scott a reason to stay.The Girlfriends' Guide to…: Sometimes, all it take to find true love is a little help from a special circle of friends

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