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Growing up at the end of the Great Depression, Dave Potter learned to appreciate the woods that surrounded his little town of Roxbury, Vermont. He was fly fishing by the time he was seven and lugging a camera with him at eleven. Intent on capturing all his great adventures, Dave was already well on his way to enjoying many fulfilling experiences in nature. In a collection of personal essays and poems inspired by nature, Dave provides a glimpse into what it was like to hunt out of an old deer camp, fly fish in a mountain stream, trout fish in a beaver pond, and catch a monster trophy fish after winning a battle in the water. Peppered with true-to-life colorful characters, his stories transport others through Vermont, Alaska, Maine, New York, and Quebec. Photographs vividly capture memories of good times as Dave highlights his greatest adventures in the northern woods and waters over the course of a lifetime. Bucktails and Fish Tails shares personal essays, poems, and photographs that track one man's seven-decade journey through life, fishing adventures, and the joys of nature.

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