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Raised in the backwoods country of the Ozarks, Tommie was no ordinary girl. Sporting red hair and freckles, she lived up to every inch of her tomboyish name.In A Girl Called Tommie, the author spends a year in the life of this remarkable girl as she learns valuable lessons in honesty, responsibility, and ultimately the truth about a God that loves her. You will laugh with Tommie as she meets her new best friend Lucinda, a naive city girl who knows nothing about the country, and when her pet bluejay Jake turns out to be a mommy. You will sympathize when Tommie comes down with the measles, and when she learns a painful lesson about breaking in new shoes. You will smile with her as she gains a new baby brother, Bill, and becomes valedictorian of her graduating class.Through it all, she continues to search for Biblical truth as her Seventh-day Adventist relatives send her literature, and at the end of the school year, she gets an opportunity to visit them. "Now I'll have my big chance to see what Adventists are really like... I can go to church with them. Now I know that God is really looking out for me."This book is the first in the series. Read A Nurse Called Tommie and A Wife Called Tommie to complete this inspiring story.

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