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Originally published in 2007, Red Carpet struck a chord with all of us who can t get enough of the Hollywood red carpet scene at the biggest celebrity award shows, movie premieres, and parties. No book since the original edition has brought the reader so close to the velvet rope. Celebrity photographer Frank Trapper has had a front-row seat to nearly every star-studded Hollywood event since 1987 from the high-profile Academy Awards to the dressed-down movie premieres that capture celebrities as you ve never seen them before. Now, in this completely updated and redesigned volume, thirty years of red carpet fashion is captured in more than 250 photographs of style makers and A-listers. Experience again the famous moments and gowns that have made red carpet history from Elizabeth Taylor to Scarlett Johansson and all the stars you ve followed faithfully along the way. Stylish enough to belong on the red carpet itself, this book has a velvet-covered and foil-stamped case. This is the ultimate treat for fashion fans and stargazers of all ages. InStyle s review of the original edition said, Go for the gowns! Red Carpet showcases photographer Frank Trapper s 20 years covering the stars doin the walk.

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