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01. Opening Credits P ART ONE 02. Overture: The Representation Of Chaos Scene 1 03. In The Beginning, God Created The Heaven Recitative: Raphael And The Spirit Of God Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters Chorus 04. Now Vanish Before The Holy Beams Aria: Uriel Despairing, Cursing Rage Chorus Scene 2 05. And God Made The Firmament Recitative: Raphael The Marv'lous Work Beholds Amazed Gabriel, Chorus Scene 3 06. And God Said: Let The Waters Under The Heavens Be Gathered Together Recitative: Raphael Rolling In Foaming Billows Aria: Raphael 07. And God Said: Let The Earth Bring Forth Grass Recitative: Gabriel With Verdure Clad The Fields Appear Aria: Gabriel 08. And The Heavenly Hosts Proclaimed Recitative: Uriel Awake The Harp Chorus Scene 4 09. And God Said: Let There Be Lights In The Firmament Of Heaven Recitative: Uriel In Splendour Bright Is Rising Now The Sun Recitative: Uriel 10. The Heavens Are Telling The Glory Of God Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chorus Part Two Scene 1 11. And God Said: Let The Waters Bring Forth Recitative: Gabriel On Mighty Pens Uplifted Soars The Eagle Aloft Aria: Gabriel 12. And God Created Great Whales Recitative: Raphael 13. And The Angels Struck Their Immortal Harps Recitative: Raphael Most Beautiful Appear Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chorus 14. The Lord Is Great Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chorus Scene 2 15. And God Said: Let The Earth Bring Forth Recitative: Raphael Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb Recitative: Raphael 16. Now Heaven In Fullest Glory Shone Aria: Raphael 17. And God Created Man Recitative: Uriel Hi Native Worth And Honour Clad Aria: Uriel 18. And God Saw Everything Recitative: Raphael 19. On Thee Each Living Soul Awaits Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael 20. Achieved Is The Glorious Work Chorus Part Three Scene 1 21. Introduction: Morning In Rosy Mantle Appear Recitative: Uriel Scene 2 22. By Thee With Bliss, О Bounteous Lord Adam, Eve, Chorus 23. Of Stars The Fairest Adam, Eve, Chorus Scene 3 24. Our Duty We Performed Now Recitative: Adam And Eve 25. Graceful Consort! Duet: Adam And Eve Final Scene 26. О Happy Pair Recitative: Uriel Sing The Lord Ye Voices All! Chorus And Soloists 27. Closing Credits
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