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Senior Detective Jordan Kinsey and head medical examiner Jena Greene thought they were finally out of harm’s way and getting a moment to breathe when they are caught off guard at Jordan’s home and captured by the Dark-Eyed One, the same man responsible for kidnapping Jena once before, but she made a narrow escape just in time. While digging further into the Dark-Eyed One’s patterns the Savannah police department manages to pinpoint that this same man had murdered more than one hundred women all along the East Coast, victims who eerily all seem to resemble Jena. As the Dark-Eyed One’s fascination with Jena grows more intense, so does the fate of Jena and Jordan as they wake up to discover they had been drugged, beaten, and were now being held prisoners somewhere unknown. While the Savannah Police Department takes every measure to find the girls before, it is too late. Secrets from the Dark-Eyed One’s past comes to light. Now we find out exactly who he was, who he is, and who comes out alive in the end as many secrets from Jena’s past are finally exposed.
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