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Bruce Dickinson, as always keeps it real and tells it like it is! This raw interview with the members of Iron Maiden proves the Band loves their fans and will keep on rocking! Originally Formed in London, England, in 1976, Iron Maiden was from the start the brainchild of Bass player Steve Harris. The Band was named after a medieval torture device, the music was suitably heavy and hard on the senses. There were several line-up changes in the Iron Maiden ranks in the very early days, and come the release of their debut EP, the band featured Bassist: Steve Harris, Guitarist: Dave Murray, Vocalist: Paul Di'Anno and Doug Sampson on the Drums. The release of "Number Of The Beast" was crucial the development of the band. It was also the debut of new vocalist Bruce Dickinson replacing Paul Di'Anno Bruce Dickinson made his live debut with Maiden on 15 November 1981. Without this change and Album release, Iron Maiden might never have gone on to be such a force in the Keaw metal arena. The album was a spectacular success, the sound of a band on the crest of a wave.
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