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From the early 70's KISS has been the spectacle for all to see, with theirelaborate fire-breathing and blood-spitting, bombastic stage show, and larger than life persona's. In the mid eighties however, KISS removed the make-up, changed a few members, and went on stage in a different form - perhaps even losing touch with what KISS originally stood for. For years, fans hoped and prayed that someday, there would be a return of the superheros they once knew. Then, in 1996, those wishes became a reality! KISS was resurrected and came back full force with the make-up, elaborate costumes, and their trademark stage show! Here we will take you through the journey of the band's resurrection with the reunion press conference on the S. S. Intrepid, a behind the scenes look at the KISS stage setup, gear and road crew! KISS meet and greets .and candid "uncut" interview footage with all four original members!! This DVD Is Kisstory in the making!

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