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Reina is smart, irreverent, and wise beyond her years. At age sixteen, she dies. Shortly after seeing her physical body buried, Reina enters the astral world and meets her higher self. Her life just lived is reviewed instantly in detail.Afterward, she is led to a brightly lit city where Reina meets some of her family and friends, now all deceased, and her pal, Omar, who assists in her astral travels. Reina relearns her skills as an astral agent to help others in a variety of situations, both on the physical and astral planes. These acts of benefit, sometimes dangerous, are instigated and supervised by her teacher and guru, Master Eli.Reina attends a class taught by Eli designed to increase her awareness and spiritual evolution. She then discovers her soul mate, Ian, who has been dead for five years. Ian was a monk in his past life and is a gifted guitar player. Reina is also a musician, so they share their love of music.At the end of their time on the astral plane, Reina and Ian plan out the lives to be experienced for their next incarnation. They proceed thereafter to the mental plane for suspected years of blissful existence.James S. Reiley has degrees in mathematics, computer science, and medicine, and has spent the last 35-odd years studying spirituality from a variety of different perspectives. Dr. Reiley is a retired physician, part-time writer, and a small farmer in Shady Valley, Tennessee. This is his third novel.Publisher’s website:

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