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Mary Pope Osborne perfectly blends fantasy, adventure, and history in this paperback edition of the bestselling Magic Tree House chapter book. Jack and Annie have a new mission to help save the life of Merlin's beloved baby penguin, Penny: They must travel in the magic tree house to Abraham Lincoln and get a special feather from him! But when they visit the White House in 1861, they find the new president overwhelmed by his busy schedule as he tries to save a divided nation. A magic potion and a wish instantly transport Jack and Annie to a mysterious woods. Are these the same woods where Abraham Lincoln takes his daily horse ride? If so, can a ragged orphan named Sam help them find Abe? Or will Jack and Annie have to give all their strength and time to helping Sam instead? It's a race against time as Jack and Annie try to do the right thing and help a new friend--and still save a president, a troubled nation, and Penny, as well!
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