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Ships in Miniature is a detailed exposition of the author's techniques for making miniature ship models which he has developed over the last twenty years, and it incorporates the very latest techniques and outlines all the newest materials and tools. To this extent it is a clear and detailed survey of the advancement of the art of miniature shipbuilding. It sets out standards and provides ideas for methods of research and clear step-by-step instructions for construction and display. The choice of materials, construction techniques and methods of care and conservation are all outlined in detail. Ships in Miniature is intended as the standard work on the subject and is a source of invaluable information for both the builder of large scale and miniature models. While the text deals with making models to a scale of 1:192 (16ft = 1in) or smaller, much of the information will be helpful to people making models to larger scales. The areas of ship modelling focussed on include materials, tools, preparation and basic techniques, hull construction, fittings, spars and rigging, and display and care. Lloyd McCaffery began making models in 1963 and became a full-time ship modeller in 1969. He has won numerous awards and written articles for a wide range of journals.Издательство - Phoenix Pubns
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