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Bachelorarbeit aus dem Jahr 2015 im Fachbereich Jura - Europarecht, Völkerrecht, Internationales Privatrecht, Note: 2,0, Universität Siegen (Public Law), Veranstaltung: European and German Law, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The new phase of development of the law of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS law) started in 2009, but remains currently unexplored. In general, most research papers have been written about the 1st and 2nd phases, and an insignificant number about the 3rd phase. The aim of the thesis is to show the contribution which was made and is still being made by the CIS law to the CIS member states' development at 3 different phases of the existence of this organization, including the new 3rd phase. Moreover, this paper addresses key historical, political and economic factors, with primary emphasis on the analysis of the main legal sources of the CIS. By comparing 3 phases of development of the CIS law, its impact on the development of the CIS States in general is compared, according to the particular phase. The thesis is divided into two main parts. In the first part the first two phases are combined: first, the historical, economic and legal background is presented for the 1st Phase (2.1.) and for the 2nd Phase (2.2.). Next, the most important legal sources are addressed, and their analysis is conducted (2.3.), and conclusions for the impact of the CIS law on the CIS states are discussed (2.4.). Following this structure, a new phase is addressed in the...
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