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Back in 1976, nobody really knew that there was an old wave of British Heavy Metal. But within 2 years of their formation, Iron Maiden had spearheaded what came to be abbreviated the NWOBHM, and as with punk the year before, a new generation of performers, musicians and show-offs in general bought in a New Wave of the rock genre - and in the process made loud, raw, heavy music the global phenomenon it is today. For the first time this film investigates the New Wave - the bands, the records, the media and the series of unconnected events that led to the unfolding of this astonishing, durable and still hugely relevant form - which is heard even today on so many new records. Focusing on Maiden and the other pivotal bands of the time, such as Saxon, Samson, Praying Mantis, Diamond Head, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Girlschool and many others, this programme is the ultimate expose of a style which may not get as much press as Punk, but is equally as relevant to the music of the third millennium.

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