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Полный вариант заголовка: «England's gazetteer : Vol. 1 : or, an accurate description of all the cities, towns, and villages in the Kingdom, shewing their situations, manufactures, trades, markets, fairs, customs, privileges, principal-buildings, charitable and other foundations, &c. &c. and their distances from London, &c. : with a descriptive account of every county, their boundaries, extent, natural produce, &c., including the chief harbours, bays, rivers, canals, forests, mines, hills, vales, and medicinal springs : with other curiosities both of nature and art : pointing out the camps, castles, and other remains of Roman, Danish, and Saxon antiquity : to which is annexed Antoninus's itinerary, with the direction that the Roman military roads take thro' the Kingdom, and the names of their stations,also a copious introdudion on its ancient and modern divisions, rise, and course of its rivers, &c. taxes, revenues, trade, militia, &c. : in 3 volumes : embellished with a map of England and Wales / by Philip Luckombe».
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