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Operation Babe-Magnet by Kristin GabrielFrom geek to gorgeous…Dexter D. Kane will do anything to take over the family business–even if it means masquerading as a gigolo! But when publicist Kylie Timberlake offers him a job, Dexter happily jumps into his new role. Kylie desperately needs a man to impersonate Harry Hanover, the author of numerous sexual self-help books. She wants to make everybody wild about Harry. But Dex would settle for Kylie being wild about him….Operation Beauty by Kristin GabrielHe had to get in touch with his feminine side…Sam T. Kane loves women–but he doesn't want to be one! Unfortunately, Sam's mission is to infiltrate Ladybug Lingerie and steal their newest, top-secret bra design. So Sam reluctantly dons a wig and panty hose–and ends up falling for Lauren McBride, his new boss. But how can he convince Lauren he's the man of her dreams–when she considers him «just one of the girls»?
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