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This is no ordinary daily planner - if you desire to achieve all your New Year's resolution, this IS the diary for you. Here's the reason why - while many of us have New Year's resolutions, how many of us take consistent action and accomplish them? Sad to say, many have their interest wane at the very first obstacle, or months into the year when they are overwhelmed by the demands at work and home. This is where our 2018 Daily Planner comes in - you'll find everything you need to help you accomplish all your New Year's resolution come December 31, 2018 - Apart from finding a different motivational quote every single day to remind and push you along to accomplish your goals, there's also a section beneath where you'll fill in 3 goal-related tasks you'll perform for the day. This makes sure you take steps to do the work necessary every single day to accomplish your goals (which we are sure you will if you take consistent action every single day.)Make 2018 your best year ever with this daily planner!

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