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Since their formation in 1968 Led Zeppelin had barely put a foot wrong. Indeed by 197J Jjthey were being tagged "best band in the world" by Rolling Stone magazine, and when "Stairway to Heaven" from their redoubtable forth hit the decks and the airwaves that November, many doubted whether even the mighty Zep could reach any higher. But if 73's Houses of the Holy - fine record that it was - hinted at the band treading water, 1974 found them begin recording what was to become arguably the most ambitious, extraordinary and influential rock album since the dawn of the genre. And when the fruits of the previous year's labour were released as double disc meisterwerk Physical Graffiti in early 1975, so began an age in which the entire world audience for contemporary sounds realised what heights of musical magnificence could be achieved if this relatively new style was placed in the right hands. This film covers the development and recording of Physical Graffiti and the year of it's release, live promotion and initial impact, during which Led Zeppelin didn't just become, the most important band on the planet, but equally constructed a completely new framework in which the style they played a large part in developing would thereafter exist. Featuring brand new interviews, rare archive, fresh revelations, newly discovered footage and a host of other features which all together provide for one of the best Led Zeppelin documentarie
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