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Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics, grade: 1,3, University of Applied Sciences Wildau, course: Aviation Management Master, language: English, abstract: The air transport industry is despite all challenges a continuously growing sector. The World Bank publishes registered airlines departures every year: In 2012 3.3 times more planes departed than in 1975 and still 1.4 times more than in the year 2000. It is out of question that this rapid increase of aircraft movements of today more than 30 million per year had and will have effects on the surrounding areas of airports. ICAO even predicts the number to rise up to 50 million by the year 2030 with many new airport facilities needed.In Germany the "Frankfurt Startbahn West 18" construction in the 1980's was one of the most negative experiences with two shot protesters.This tragic event but also the ongoing protests around the world show the need of improving airport expansion strategies and interaction with the society.This paper will therefore illustrate the positive and negative impacts of airport operations on the society. Further, using the example of Frankfurt Airport and its pro and contra initiatives, the social responsibility of an airport will be described and possible solutions and opportunities to reduce conflicts will be brought up.Thereby sustainability of airports includes fields like economic profitability, operational safety, environmental...

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