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A veteran of the New York performance-art scene, transvestite Wayne County first headed to London, England in the mid-seventies, attracted by the burgeoning Punk scene. His first band, Queen Elizabeth, were short lived, his next, the Backstreet Boys, recorded an album in New York only to see it never released, although tracks did turn up on the Max's Kansas City album (a favourite of the late UK DJ John Peel). By 1976 Wayne was back in the UK with a new outfit, the Electric Chairs, who rapidly became one of the most booked bands on the UK punk circuit. The following year they were to record their most notorious track, F*ck Off!, which was released as a single and sold very well indeed. The critically and commercially successful Storm the Gates of Hell LP really put The Electric Chairs on the map, and they became international cult favourites. In 1980 Wayne decided it was time to address his gender issues once and for all, and following surgery he became Jayne County. During the 80's Jayne moved to Berlin, performing on the underground circuit, and virtually disappearing from the public eye. By the mid-nineties the UK Punk revival was in full swing and Jayne was tempted out of obscurity to form a revamped Electric Chairs and once more hit the stage doing what she did best. As lewd and irreverent as she had been twenty years earlier, Jayne introduced a whole new generation to her tasteless, gender bending, trashy world and in the process won herself a new fan base, leading to t...

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