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Whether performing one of his signature hits or introducing special musical guests of the 70s, such as Rhythm and Blues icons Ike & Tina Turner and the soulful superstar Gladys Knight at the peak of their Pop Status, Kenny Rogers showcases the depth of his magnetic personality in this charming collection of network television musical variety shows that define Retro and provide a charming look back at the transition from the Psychedelic '60s to the New Wave of the'80s. Tina Turner's legendary version of Proud Mary displays the strong, powerful, and infectious personality that would become the heart of her inspiring career, backed by the controversial R&B legend Ike Turner in the early days of their historic partnership. Motown heroine Gladys Knight also performs, showcasing the spectrum of her Grammy Award Winning voice and embodying the Pop Soul sound of seventies in this special DVD that recaptures that colorful decade. View is proud to present this one-of-a-kind musical time capsule that unearths electrifying performances from the musical archives, showcases the biggest and most popular acts of the seventies, and furthers our expanding and nostalgic Sounds Of The 70s DVD collections. Selections Include: 01. Easy Livin' 02. Take it Easy 03. Operator - Jim Croce 04. Don't You Know She Just Loves It - Ronnie Hawkins 05. Ruben James 06. You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Jim Croce 07. After Midnight 08. Sweet Little Sixteen 09. Hey, Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley 10. Bo Dtddley's Jam - Bo Diddley 11. Teenager in Love/ Who Wrote the Book of Love 12. I Can't Believe It's Me - Ronnie Hawkins 13. 40 Days (with Ronnie Hawkins & Bo Diddley) 14. Hey Bo Diddley (with Ronnie Hawkins & Bo Diddley) 15. Rock 'n Roll Music
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