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This is the first short novel of a super hero's beginning, and how he makes his own path with family and friends but also his enemies. The book came to me in my dreams. Only after attending Dragon-con 2008, and meeting with Lance and Linda ,two movie stars, their discussions with me helped me see that I could write. With the inspiration of my family, friends, the students of Gaffney schools, and God now you the reader can enjoy the story of my adventures. Watch out for more, this is only the first of my trilogy. Will Hawkins (Second Editor's Thoughts)I relished the opportunity to work with my friends on this project. It also helped that they were all creative. The images here were a work of creativity and sometimes a little ingenuity. Scott Baughman (First Editor's Thoughts)I really do not know how I was ever so lucky to meet Mike and Will. When Mike first asked me to work on this project I thought, this would be a great opportunity to further my skills in editing, since I am a journalist. I enjoyed being a part of the book as one of the world's new villains(Gadfly). I thought the story was very creative and worthy of being put into print. We hope you the reader think the same.

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