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This Deluxe Edition contains the DVD of Totally Stripped, a CD newly compiled from the live shows which has only one performance in common with the previously released Stripped album, plus individual DVDs of the three full length performances from Amsterdam, Paris and London. Содержание DVD 1: "Totally Stripped" Totally Stripped follows The Rolling Stones in 1995 as they recorded and performed stripped down versions of their classic songs in studio sessions in Tokyo and Lisbon and on stage in Amsterdam, Paris and London. The programme captures rehearsals, interviews, live performances and footage of the band in the studio to present the complete story of this unique period in the long history of The Rolling Stones. The newly edited version of the film contains previously unseen content and the performances are often very different interpretations of their songs. Длительность видео: 1 час 30 минут. С субтитрами на английском, немецком, испанском, французском и португальском языках. Содержание DVD 2: "The Paradiso", Amsterdam, 26 May 19951. Not Fade Away2. It's All Over Now3. Live With Me4. Let It Bleed5. The Spider And The Fly6. Beast Of Burden7. Angie8. Wild Horses Sweet Virginia Dead Flowers9. Shine A Light10. Like A Rolling Stone11. Connection12. Slipping Away13. The Worst14. Gimme Shelter15. All Down The Line16. Respectable17. Rip This Joint18. Street Fighting ManДлительность видео: 1 час 40 минут. С субтитрами на английском, немецком, испанском, французском и португальском языках.Содержание DVD 3: "L'Olympia", Paris, 03 Jul 951. Honky Tonk Women2. Tumbling Dice3. You Got Me Rockin'4. All Down The Line5. Shattered6. Beast Of Burden7. Let It Bleed Angie8. Wild Horses9. Down In The Bottom10. Shine A Light11. Like A Rolling Stone12. I Go Wild13. M...
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