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At 18, Ty gets out of the control of his mother and stepfather. After years of working nonstop Ty tells his agent he is taking a break. After being found in his cabin by his stepfather, Ty hides out in a shelter he owns. He makes friends with a volunteer (Michael) and his son (Nick). Ty's stepfather finds him again. While trying to get out of a locked room, Ty returns a call to Jay. When Jay comes to get Ty, he tells Ty he has an older brother.Jay and Jeremy (Ty's newly found brother) go to the hospital to make sure Ty is okay. Jeremy insists Ty move in with him in his apartment.When Ty goes to help Nick with his homework, they discover Jeremy's neighbor (Angela) is Michael's daughter.Ty's family grows when he finds out he has three more brothers.Ty's stepfather makes one more attempt on Ty.After Ty heals, he (as well as Jeremy) moves in with his three newly found brothers.Ty grows closer to his brothers, Michael, Angela, and Nick.

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