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Brand N/A Model XY-5202 Quantity 1 piece(s) Function Parking sensor system CPU No Detecting Distance 0~2.5m Sensor Color Red Sensor Qty. 4 Sensor Diameter 2.4 cm Monitor Type LCD Monitor Size 3.5" Working Voltage 9~16V Rated Current 20~200 mA Ultrasonic Frequency 40 KHz Alarm Volume 80 dB Working Temperature 30~+70 degree Other Features Easy to install; Rate Voltage:12V; Detecting Distance: 0~2.5m; Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz; Display Working Temperature:-20~+60 degree; Feature: Car parking sensor consists of ultrasonic sensors digital control box camera and LED/LCD/TFT display; Detects the distance between the car and back obstruction with ultrasonic sensors installed at the rear bumper of car; Obstruction image will be shown via the camera; With the change of alarm sound safe area can be detected correctly; Best choice for the safe of your car. Packing List 1 x Host 1 x Display (541cm-cable) 4 x Probes (244cm-cable) 1 x Power cable (78.2cm) 1 x Hole saw 2 x Double side tapes 1 x English user manual
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